Who We are

Mom Donna identified very early that Ethan is different, and requires additional support to achieve developmental milestones and acquire functional skills. Donna encountered uncountable challenges brought to Ethan by Autism and ADHD, at every stage, and identified that his world is very different from the world we live in.

While being a significant part of Ethan’s life, she realized the importance of different items, products, and therapy tools to make his life a little easier, and every stage required a different set of tools and products.

Now, almost after 14 years into this journey, where she has entirely accepted the limitations and challenges, Autism and ADHD bring in, she is following a futuristic approach for Ethan, i.e. developing vocational skills that can help him have a source of income when she will not be around.

Ethan’s World is the beginning of Ethan’s entrepreneurial journey, which is set to help him acquire important vocational skills.


But, Ethan’s World has more than just one purpose!

In the past 14 years, Donna has worked in multiple organizations that work with Autistic individuals and have observed that therapy costs are out of budget for so many families, while the individuals require consistency in therapy in order to develop functional skills, and create a nurturing learning environment for the individual. 

Having therapy tools at home has significantly helped Ethan to find a balance, and so Mom Donna strives to make these tools available for all other kids at affordable prices.

Ethan’s World is not meant to make huge profits, the core purpose of the store is to enable Ethan to acquire vocational skills and provide cost-effective therapy tools to people in need.

Ethan’s World is an experimental project to train Ethan toward financial freedom, and the ultimate goal is to grow it to a level where it can help more kids like Ethan by employing them.