Crystal Chew with Safety Necklace

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These brightly coloured crystal chew necklaces are suitable for children,  adults of all ages to help with sensory needs associated with Autism, ADHD and Asperger's. Also ideal for teething babies and toddlers under adult supervision. Note - This product is not a toy. The clasp and cord are not intended for chewing. Although these chew tools are sturdy and durable, no chew tool is indestructible. Wear and tear may be expected given the nature of the intended use. While for some people a chew tool will last forever, for others with heavy/aggressive oral needs, they may go through it very quickly. This product contains small parts that may pose a choking hazard - recommended for ages 5 years and upwards. Please supervise at all times, regularly inspect the chew, and replace if necessary if the item starts to show signs of wear and tear.